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​Soul Alchemy is an approach to transforming from within. Inner wellness is a starting point to engaging in life wholeheartedly. Self knowledge guides the way towards fulfillment and a life alive with meaning and purpose.

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In-Person Sessions

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Fall 2020 Special Offers

Coaching with Soul (via zoom)
private 90-minute sessions (online)
​September-November $180 for 3 sessions ($60 per session, reg $120)
offer limited to first 5 clients

Explore your growing edge at the intersection of:

Your conscious goals & desires - Where are you heading? What do you desire? What are you creating?

Your inner healing processes - What is blocking you? What load are you bearing? What/Who is unconsciously acting?

Your soul’s purpose - What are you designed to do/be? What calls you forth? Am I in alignment with my core gifts, values, and essence?
Energy Healing - Online Modality Explorations
private 90-minute sessions (online)
September-November $180 for 3 sessions ​($60 per session, reg $120)
offer limited to first 5 clients

- Identify and release core energy patterns that no longer serve you.
- Integrate aspects of yourself that have been forgotten, or unheard.
- Harmonize inner influences and beliefs that may be causing struggle or confusion and unconsciously holding you back.
- Connect with your own source of guidance and inner wisdom.

Explore one or all of the following healing modalities, all well suited for distance work:

Energetic Dialogue
By tuning to the energetic patterns and giving voice to different aspects of the self , one can begin to distinguish the forces at work within. Deeper understanding, clarity, and integration then may follow.

Conference Table
We consciously invite the energy of guides, inner aspects, external influences, animal totems, and others to gather at the table of Holy Wisdom and give voice to the points of view each are holding. This modality is especially helpful when there is a key topic or question in mind, and clarity or resolution is desired.

Awareness Release Technique
Awareness is a quality of the Soul, and by turning conscious awareness towards that which we would like to release or gain insight into, it naturally starts to shift. Somatic sensing is a starting point to observe and track energy towards the core of an issue, and bear witness to your own transformation. This modality is especially helpful if you tend to overthink, and want a body-centered and self-directed way to explore healing work.

Other Offerings

Seasonal Renewal Session
A 3-hour session incorporating a blend of bodywork, energy healing, and creative soul guidance.
Soul Guidance Session (call for appointment)
Half Day Personal Retreat (call for appointment)
Full Day Personal Retreat (call for appointment)
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